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Proverbs 2:6

“For the Lord gives wisdom; from his mouth come knowledge and understanding.”

It was not enough to see. He had to in-see This is how the Greek puts it. "I see..." (blepo) in verse 24, becomes "he in-saw" (ene-blepen) in verse 25. Seeing without insight is seeing without understanding. It is seeing without discerning significance, and that is not really seeing at all.

Richard Spasoff References:      (PHONE) 442-355 9898

Richard Spasoff Intuitive Readings Testimonies

“Dear Richard-Thank you for your help the other day. I decided to stay in the mayor's race. I apprecaite your generosity and time ” Best Jeff Adachi... Jeff Adachi "San Francisco Public Defender


"I've appeared on intuitive  Spasoff Radio Show many times. Richard Spasoff is a gracious host and always well-informed about his guests and what they are passionate about.The show is light and breezy...and most importantly... always informative and entertaining!".

- Stanley Livingston All the best...



Richard- I couldn't control my goose bumps when you gave me a reading over the phone and mentioned my Grandmother who past when I was about 6. I remember only vague aspects about her but you were somehow able to pick up that I speak to her spiritually and that she is with me wherever I go. That solidifies the belief I have had and never expressed to anyone until now. I hope that your "vision" of my career path is correct and that my troubles will one day go away. I was also blown away at the fact that you knew I had knee pain throughout my life, especially in my childhood. I was further blown away when you mentioned my affinity for water. I live on a lake outside of Orlando Florida and find peace when I am simply sitting on my dock and looking at the water. My favorite thing! Thank you for the reading Richard and the reassurance that came along with it.

Ron Feingold


I met with Richard last week and have to admit I was apprehensive about the exercise in general.
The session started with a short prayer and we focused on my questions. Straight away Richard started
picking up messages, words, etc. I was blown away with the accuracy with which he was detailing.
Certain energy or messages were extremely apparent with what was going on with my life. Things that
are ‘live’ and happening in my life at this moment in time came through.
One particular mention reduced me to tears, for it was something personal about a family member that
grieves me. He told me something wonderful that set my mind at ease. I was blown away with his
accuracy. He also detailed specific information about my family, current events going on with my sister,
and had very good advice to give her.
I would highly recommend Richard for a reading. He is sincere and thoughtful and follows up with you
afterwards to ensure that you are ok.
N. Starks




"Please accept this letter as recommendation for Richard Spasoff, Intuitive. We had Richard perform at our cast & crew wrap party in July 2008. Everyone enjoyed the event and Richard was a wonderful part of it. I would recommend him to anyone in search of a little something extra for a party or event. Richard was very easy to work with and accommodating, and I wish him all the best in the future.

" Jenny Fumarolo

A Thousand Words DreamWorks Production



Richard is instrumental in my singles events being so popular as he's a huge hit with his "readings." He's an extremely gifted individual and I consider it an honor in knowing him.

" KaraleeAustin"




I have always enjoyed listening to the Spaz and watching his live performances. He has proven over the last several years to have an++ uncanny ability to know things about myself and my life that were not made public. Very strange this ability he has to see these things.

Dr. danger

Gregory DrDanger Carpenter



Richard Spasoff is one of the mind-blowing talents of our time. What he does is amazingly entertaining and unique! He combines his great intuitive abilities, with his terrific comedic talents. He is hilarious, as he regularly proves on his radio show, and other shows. If that isn't enough,he is the most incredible dancing instructor and performer! Richard shines on tv and radio, as well as in the nightclub, hotel and resort arenas". - Joyce Keller "


Richard was awesome. He knows how to work a crowd, and he did a fabulous job reading our guests at the gathering. And what a great way to entertain, with a kind soul like Richard. He's spot on in his readings, too!
Review by Roni T.

from Long Beach, CA on 6/1/2013


You are so kind...and I am so grateful to have spoken w/ you this evening...

You truly made my day calmer and more worry-less....

I promise to put the PEN to paper and let it flow....

I shall help you when I see the right opporunities for you as well.

 You are wondeful! I am grateful for your gifts and YOU being the CARING LOVING SOUL YOU!!

Audrey Quinn


 Richard is a very gifted Intuitive.  Most importantly he is very empathetic and has the highest degree of integrity.  He advised me on a critical business decision, and confirmed what I had been worrying about that someone was being very sneaky and less than ethical!  He told me what would happen to an investment and it is still playing out but so far he has been right on the money!  Lastly, he gave me great insight into my “love-life” and was very extremely helpful.  Without a doubt I recommend that you consult with Richard no matter what your question happens to be.  I plan to work with Richard for a long time.
Michelle Saunders


"We hired him for an all girls “Cheers to the Future Promotion Party”. Some of us were a bit skeptical hiring a man for our ladies night, but as soon as he walked through the door, he surprised us with his professionalism and made each and every one of us feel unique and comfortable. His intuitions were positive and enlightening. He even gave one of my friends a swing dance lesson after all the readings. Such a fun and uplifting experience! I would highly recommend Richard!"

 L. Benson

"Hello Richard!
Many Performers attempt to make thier mark at the Comedy Palace.
But thier can only be no doubt that in all the world there is only one "Intuitive Spasoff Show".
I appreciate the opportunity to bring your unique  comic ensemble to the Comedy Palace.
and hope to do it again soon!
In particular,I found your groups work fresh,quick -paced and meticulously well prepared.
I feel confident that your continued performances of your live shows will bring you the recognition and stature that you deserve.
George Salek,



You are simply amazing. Me knowing you & walking the path with you has been a blessing. This Web Site is so amazing. I'm so touched in my heart. my spirit & my soul. I can not say enough except I could feel the angelic Heiarchy around me in the room as I read each page.

A message to you from the highest of command...
You are very loved & you have passed the test that was needed to do your work. You have a very elated command of Angelic Beings that protect you & respect you & acknowledge just how difficult it was to stay focused & on track. Be clear on what you ask for because it will happen. There is a gold beam of light around you & you Web Site as I write. The highest in command is looking down on you!

Alpha, Omaga   -   "The first & the last"   -   "A band of protection"

Much Love,

More References

As a Instrument Of God: Let me shine light on a confusing time with my rare ability to reach beyond vague psychic predictions. I'll entertain at a venue with intuitive insights and comedy, or provide personal readings to offer guidance and encourage a release of past regrets.

Much Love and Light


Richard Spasoff gives warm and loving readings', 'I care about people', and 'I keep it positive and uplifting. You'll simply be amazed at what I can tell you'.
He is clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient. they uses his mediumship skills to contact departed love ones. Richard is clear, extraordinary, accurate, and to the point. The connection is instant and right to the heart of the matter.

Elegant Title

I am not a psychic medium .I just call myself and intuitive.

Below are old videos of my work. I believe in God and Jesus Christ as my savior. I had referred to myself as a psychic medium, and it was Incorrect. I help People bring them closer to God's and Jesus Love and to understand what's going on in their lives.

Pink Sugar
Psychic Medium Spasoff Comedy Promo
Richard Spasoff IMDB
Reading Demo
Complimentary Copy Of My Book
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Country Club Event•Reviewed:
on December 31, 2008•From Borrego Springs, CA

Richard was great! Very professional and was very accommoding to our older members! Thanks for such a great time!

Shotgun tom.jpg
DebbieLockhart (1).jpg

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Psychic Medium Spasoff. Not only did he touch on things in my life but gave inspirational advice as well. I am hoping my career will take off in the direction as he sees it.

Debbie Lockhart

Loise Hay.jpg

"Richard Spasoff gave me an insightful and very empathetic reading which I enjoyed immensely. I felt like I was talking to an old friend."

Thanks Richard. I enjoyed the reading. All the best, Grayson Hugh

maxresdefault (1).jpg

I had fun on Richard's show - he prepared me carefully for his questioning, which was out of the ordinary! But it made good radio too.

His co-host was friendly and fun, even when her dogs got loose in the studio. That just added to the fun and laughter on Richard's show.

Thanks so much for having me.

Mama Tokus 


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